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ICMME 2018
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International Conference on Mathematics and Mathematics Education (ICMME-2018)

Type of Presentation

All presentation types initially refereed by two members of the scientific committee. After the approval of the referees, the presentations will be accepted.


An individual or group research findings, share their thoughts or presentation experience. About a 20 minute presentation is to be divided into 10-minute debate will be held 3-4 presentations in a session led by a president.


An individual or group of research results, ideas or experiences, if possible, photos, pictures, interactive graphics supported as it passed through a poster in the size 70x100cm is offering.

Poster Template File

Note: Each participant can give maximum two talks.


Applications will be available including the work session will take place in group activities or improve skills. A workshop session is 60 minutes.

Abstracts of proceedings or poster should be sent as in template file following:

Abstract Template File

The authors should upload their abstracts file (in .doc or .docx) to the Registration Form.