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ICMME 2018
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International Conference on Mathematics and Mathematics Education (ICMME-2018)

Keynote Speakers

Cemil TUNÇ
Van Yüzüncü Yıl University

Presentation Title: On the Stability, Asymptotically Stability, Integrability, Uniformly Stability and Boundedness of Solutions for a Class of Non-Linear Volterra Integro - Differential Equations

Presentation Abstract


Cornelia Livia BEJAN
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University

Presentation Title: On The Tangent Bundle of A Weyl Manifold

Presentation Abstract


Ivan Dyyak
Ivan Franko Lviv National University

Presentation Title: Coupled Finite and Boundary Element Adaptive Approximations for the Problems of Elasticity

Presentation Abstract


Murat Altun
Uludag University

Presentation Title: A Model Suggestion in Order to Write Real Life Mathematics Questions in The PISA and TIMMS Character

Presentation Abstract


Luca Grilli
Università degli Studi di Foggia

Presentation Title: A Dynamic Private Property Resource Game with Asymmetric Firms

Presentation Abstract


Osman Gürsoy
Maltepe University

Presentation Title: On The Education And Teaching Of Mathematics And Misconceptions

Presentation Abstract


Şahin Emrah AMRAHOV
Ankara University

Presentation Title: A Comparative Analysis of Clustering Algorithms

Presentation Abstract